Short Film Directors Association
Film Festival Standards

1. The festivals should cover transportation and accommodation expenses of all the directors of the finalist films or selections, and all the directors should have the same equal transportation and accommodation facilities as the festival jury members and guests do.

2. After displaying contesting films or selections, festivals should enable the directors, who are there as guests to present their films, to make interviews /question-answer sessions accessible to the audience.

3. All the finalist films and selections should get a minimum 100 TL royalty pay. All the monetary awards along with the royalties should be paid within three months after the festival date.

4. The jury members and the preliminary jury members designated by the festivals should be revealed before the finalist films or selections are announced. The jury members and the preliminary jury members should consist of professionals who are film school academicians or work in film sector. Festival sponsor directors, company owners and municipal officials or employees should not be included in the jury and the preliminary jury teams.

5. Time limitations of the finalist shorts and selections should not be under 30 minutes for all types of films (fiction, documentary, experimental and animation) without any exceptions.

6. Submissions to festivals should be through online platforms such as Filmfreeway and Withoutabox, not through postal or national mailing services.

7. Festival films should be screened in theatres which have the best screen, projector and sounding systems. *

8. Festivals should hold the mission to bring together the films and the audience. All media tools should be used effectively to advertise and announce the screening timeline before the festival, and the necessary transportation should be provided for the audience to have access to theatres.

9. Festival events such as interviews, workshops, panels, etc. regarding short film productions should be arranged either by experts of this field or by sector professionals.

10. Festivals should hold at least one professional advisor within the sector, and they should be informed about the festival program, events, activities and applications.

*Technical standards would be evaluated according to the feedback by the directors whose films have been screened at the festival.

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