Jury Membership Standarts


  1. Sonsor executives of festivals, company owners and municipal officials and employees should not be included in preliminary jury or in the main jury.

  2. As the films need diverse evaluations, the same jury member should officiate at maximum three festivals.

  3. Upon agreeing to officiate at a festival, during the appraisal process, every one of the jury members should watch each film from start to finish, regardless of the quality.

  4. No matter what the reason is, if a preliminary jury member is not able to watch and evaluate the films, the name of that jury member should be excluded from the website, catalogue, etc. and it should be released publicly, as the directors have the right to know by whom their films are evaluated.

  5. It should be kept in mind that short film requires an expertise like European Cinema, horror film, or Hollywood Cinema; therefore, festivals should designate jury members who are competent in film field.  

  6. Each year, festivals should designate different jury members, both for preliminary jury and the main jury.

  7. Reasoned jury decisions should be revealed.

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